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The National Park of the Tips of Europe is nailed in the Cantabrian Mountain range, between Asturias, Leon and Cantabria. Its vast extension includes/understands territories pertaining to the councils of Amieva, Cangas de Onís, Onís, Cabrales, Peñamellera Alta and Low Peñamellera. Their singularity, beauty and landscaping, natural and geologic interest have caused that this space happened to declare itself, in 1995, National Park of the Tips of Europe, welcoming in their western region to which outside the first National Park of Spain, the one of the Mountain of Covadonga, by its Majesty Don Alfonso XIII, in 1918. 300 million years to create the stirred up landscapes of the Tips of Europe have been necessary. Different foldings and freezings have conformed a winding landscape modeled by the ice and the effect of waters on the limestone stone, forming huge karst of mountain. The three main bulks of this natural wonder are limited by deep valleys and throats, appeared before the erosive step of the sharpened ice languages of glaciers and the force of waters of the rivers that, still today, continue modeling to their taste the stone, dissolving the limestone. The Dobra river, affluent of Sella, and the Deva, flank mounts to the west and the east of the mountain range, being the Cares and its affluent the Duje the ones in charge to distribute the park in their three bulks. In the Central bulk we found the highest summits of the Cantabrian Mountain range in steep the Urrieles, where the most emblematic reference of the Tips of Europe rises, the immense beauty of the Naranjo de Bulnes, also known like the Picu Urriellu. Their 2,519 meters of complicated orography have not avoided the human installation, being famous the town of Bulnes by his limited access through a footpath between mountains.

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